Sonja Solberg

Sonja Solberg is a fourteen year old girl living in a small town in rural Norway with her mother and father. She spends her free time reading and riding her horse Stjarna around the town and surrounding countryside. She admires her uncle Henrik, the artist, for his friendliness, goofiness, and his adventurous and creative lifestyle, and wants to grow up to be like him.

Henrik Solberg

Henrik Solberg is Sonja’s uncle, and an itinerant, moderately successful artist. His art takes Norwegian folk-tales, and Norwegian landscape and animal life, as its main subject. He often travels alone for months at a time in search for inspiration, and only returns to Sonja’s town to share his sketches and paintings with her. He is ambivalent about Sonja’s aspirations to be like him, but he enjoys how delighted she is by his work, and loves her for how bright and warm she is.

Nora & Håkon Solberg

Nora and Håkon Soldberg are Sonja’s mother and father. They have a large, fine house, and want for nothing. Nora Soldberg trusts and loves her daughter, but finds she often needs a firm word when it comes to things she isn’t excited about. Håkon loves his daughter too, but they are not close.


Bjornar is a talking bear. He is intelligent and kind-hearted, though not incapable of asserting the fact that he’s a bear if things are taking a turn. He, unlike many Jotundale animals, enjoys – even prefers – the company of humans, primarily for the qualities of their conversation.

Espen Fjordsøn

Espen lives in Jotundale, in a cave by a lake, with Birk, Eik, Frida, Jerv, and Lyn. He is their guardian – an older brother figure. Espen is reserved, and therefore unpredictable. What’s clearest is he lives for his wits. He loves a clever joke, a well-executed but risky plan, exploration, and a story. He hates the Vikings, one named Hjalmar particularly, with whom he has a history.


Ravn is a talking wolf. He is protective of Jerv, Eik, Lyn, Frida, Birk, and Espen. He is quiet and cunning, and excellent at hunting, tracking, and fighting. Ravn often has to maintain the group by the lake's discipline, especially his brother Balder's. He is deferential to Espen, but he is the most like a peer to him out of anybody in the group.


Balder is also a talking wolf. He is Ravn's brother. Like Ravn, he is protective of the group by the lake. He is wholly deferential to Espen, as well as his brother. He is energetic, goofy, playful, and relatively lazy and clumsy when it comes to wolfish work, though not inept. Of the two, he is closer with the group by the lake. He loves chicken.


Jerv is the oldest among the group living by the lake. He has less respect for Espen than his peers. Jerv is the strongest, and therefore very brave, often to the point of recklessness. He often feels Espen isn’t bold enough, or ignorant of the facts at hand. He is deeply loyal to the others.


Eik is the second oldest of the group living by the lake. Eik is even-tempered, level-headed, and decisive. Espen often gives authority to him and the wolves in times he is away because of this.


Lyn is the third oldest of the group living by the lake. He is perceptive and clever, but physically weak and slow compared to the others, and therefore has both been pushed into and accepted the role of critic and commentator.


Frida is the second younger of the group living by the lake, and the only girl. She is bright and sensitive, but these cause her to be anxious and timid in all but dire cases. She's neglected, for her shyness, by all the other kids but Birk, who she has grown close to.


Birk is the youngest of the group living by the lake, young enough that he must be cared for by the other trolls. He is cheerful and playful. He spends most of his time playing with Frida, Baldur, and the group’s goats. Though he is not often exposed to the difficulties of life in Jotundale, he has shown himself to be stout-hearted.