About the creator Malin Falch

Malin Falch is a goat that walked into an airplane on a rural airstrip in Norway, and ended up in San Francisco. A little girl thought she was cute so she put a sweater on her. From that point on, people started mistaking her as a person. Through a series of extraordinary mistakes of this kind, she began attending the Academy of Art University. The administration believes she specializes in character design. Somebody attributed their webcomic, Zombie Waffle, to her as a joke. Around that time, as another joke, somebody sat her in a chair and wedged a stylus in her hoof. She learned how to sit this way. With a stylus finally in hoof, she started to draw. It is terribly hard to wedge a stylus in a hoof, so after that she would sit and bleat pitifully until somebody did it for her again. Then she started to complete homework. That homework ended up as Fjordson. Nobody could figure out how to get her to draw anything else. Or maybe I'm lying. Do you really think a goat can draw?

About editor Joshua Hebburn

Joshua has been contributing as an editor and has provided poems to go along with the comic, since Malin can’t phrase at all.

About the comic Fjordson

Fjordson started as a university project. The assignment that inspired it was to take an existing, well-known story, and to make a new interpretation of the designs and the concept. Everyone in the class could choose between Alice in Wonderland, The Little Mermaid, or Peter Pan. Initially, I wasn’t drawn to any of the options. I felt Alice and Wonderland was over-adapted. I wasn’t personally appealed to by the Little Mermaid. What I was left with was Peter Pan. I thought it would be cool to draw Vikings instead of pirates, and I had a childhood of growing up in Norway and loving Norwegian folktales to draw on, so I decided to use that to give my interpretation of Peter Pan character. I ended up with the earliest designs of Sonja, Espen, Hook and the lost trolls.

Completing this assignment was some of the most fun, and the most satisfaction I’ve had in school. I continued to work on these characters – and others from the same sources – as my classes progressed, and my friends encouraged me to expand. I had attempted a webcomic earlier, Zombie Waffe, but I was forced to stop when I entered university because university was so demanding. I was never happy with that, but my passion for the project had waned. So, I decided to make Fjordson.

As the characters and the story of the comic developed, it has resembled the original Peter Pan, and the influential Disney adaption, less and less. It’s become, now, something more personal. I hope you enjoy reading.